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Giertsen Halls in Walvisbay / Namibia

About Us - W. Giertsen Hall System AS

W. Giertsen Hall System AS is a part of the W. Giertsen AS group, established in 1875.The company based in Bergen, Norway and has strong traditions for market-orientation, quality and innovations. Since our early days one of our specialties, as sail makers, has been various textile fabric products. During the last 45 years, we have been a leading international provider of prefabricated buildings and shelters.


Giertsen Hall NG2


  • Cost effective 
  • Fast and safe innstalation 
  • Long expected lifetime 
  • Snow- and wind loas calculated and approved by NS 
  • Straight sidewalls to fully utilize the indoor space 
  • Full ventilation system and lightning availble
  • Various types of gates and entrance doors 
  • Laquered PVC canvas of high quality 
  • Inner canvas with or without insulation 
  • Standard span: 10 metres 
  • Standard height: 3 and 4 metres 
  • Lenght: custom made


ng2 1


Giertsen Hall Our Strategy

Giertsen Hall (NG - New Generation) consist of  upgraded and new developed products. Based on actual customer needs, our in-house engineers  design and construct the buildings and shelters. All certificated according to NS-EN 1090-2 and if  necessary adjusted to local requirements. Every step in the process from A to Z, or idea to  completed construction, can be thoroughly  supervised by our project managers. 

  • Employ only the finest quality material
  • Rapid mantle dismantle and relocation
  • Versatile
  • Giertsen Hall is a flexible and a cost effective solution. The halls endure all types of climate and is well known for its high quality

Durability through decades

Giersten headquarters


Giertsen Hall NG1


  • Fans and ventilation systems 
  • Logo 
  • Various colours 
  • Dehumidifier 
  • Inner lining 
  • Insulation 
  • Windows 
  • Various gate designs
  • Electrical heating and cooling
  • Designed according to the technical specification of World Food Programme (WFP)
  • Rigid frame means fewer components and easier logistics
  • Fewer components means easier, faster and safer installation


GierstenHall ng1 1


Giertsen Hall NG15


  • 6 x 12 m
  • Aluminium framework 
  • PVC fabric, flame retardant 
  • 4 windows including mosquito net  
  • One door 
  • Wind load 36 m/s, snow load 75 kg/m2 
  • 200 kg per hall  20 units in one 20 foot container
  • Fast, easy and safe installation 
  • No need for skilled personnel or special equipment

ng15 1