Giertsen Hall NG2


  • Cost effective 
  • Fast and safe innstalation 
  • Long expected lifetime 
  • Snow- and wind loas calculated and approved by NS 
  • Straight sidewalls to fully utilize the indoor space 
  • Full ventilation system and lightning availble
  • Various types of gates and entrance doors 
  • Laquered PVC canvas of high quality 
  • Inner canvas with or without insulation 
  • Standard span: 10 metres 
  • Standard height: 3 and 4 metres 
  • Lenght: custom made


ng2 1

Giertsen Hall NG2 can be used ng2 2as a double garage for larger

Large range of application

The flexible and cost efficient Giertsen Hall NG2 covers
customers’ need for a quality hall in most environments.
The hall has multiple options for usage and the straight
sidewalls makes it attractive as a storage space.

Giertsen Hall NG2 has a prefabricated construction made 
of high quality hot-dipped galvanized steel and covered
with a PVC canvas that is fire retardant, UV stabilised and
protected against fungus.

W. Giertsen HallSystem AS offers installation supervisors ng2 3or an entire team to eract and dismantle the GeirtsenHall
at short notice. Our team of in-house engineers can
adjust the hall according to customers’ need and local
regualtions. Other dimensions spans, folding gates,
inner canvas, heat- and cooling system, lightning and
alternative colours are availble upon request.