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Giertsen Halls in Walvisbay / Namibia

About Us - W. Giertsen Hall System AS

W. Giertsen Hall System AS is a part of the W. Giertsen AS group, established in 1875.The company based in Bergen, Norway and has strong traditions for market-orientation, quality and innovations. Since our early days one of our specialties, as sail makers, has been various textile fabric products. During the last 45 years, we have been a leading international provider of prefabricated buildings and shelters.


Giertsen Hall NG2


  • Cost effective 
  • Fast and safe innstalation 
  • Long expected lifetime 
  • Snow- and wind loas calculated and approved by NS 
  • Straight sidewalls to fully utilize the indoor space 
  • Full ventilation system and lightning availble
  • Various types of gates and entrance doors 
  • Laquered PVC canvas of high quality 
  • Inner canvas with or without insulation 
  • Standard span: 10 metres 
  • Standard height: 3 and 4 metres 
  • Lenght: custom made


ng2 1


Giertsen Hall Our Strategy

Giertsen Hall (NG - New Generation) consist of  upgraded and new developed products. Based on actual customer needs, our in-house engineers  design and construct the buildings and shelters. All certificated according to NS-EN 1090-2 and if  necessary adjusted to local requirements. Every step in the process from A to Z, or idea to  completed construction, can be thoroughly  supervised by our project managers. 

  • Employ only the finest quality material
  • Rapid mantle dismantle and relocation
  • Versatile
  • Giertsen Hall is a flexible and a cost effective solution. The halls endure all types of climate and is well known for its high quality

Durability through decades

Giersten headquarters


Giertsen Hall NG1


  • Fans and ventilation systems 
  • Logo 
  • Various colours 
  • Dehumidifier 
  • Inner lining 
  • Insulation 
  • Windows 
  • Various gate designs
  • Electrical heating and cooling
  • Designed according to the technical specification of World Food Programme (WFP)
  • Rigid frame means fewer components and easier logistics
  • Fewer components means easier, faster and safer installation


GierstenHall ng1 1


Giertsen Hall NG15


  • 6 x 12 m
  • Aluminium framework 
  • PVC fabric, flame retardant 
  • 4 windows including mosquito net  
  • One door 
  • Wind load 36 m/s, snow load 75 kg/m2 
  • 200 kg per hall  20 units in one 20 foot container
  • Fast, easy and safe installation 
  • No need for skilled personnel or special equipment

ng15 1


Giertsen Hall NG3

Giertsen Hall NG3ng3 1

Is delivered prefabricated  
to the customers by  
experienced installers.
Sewn or welded overlaps  
give increased flexibility


Giertsen SportsBygg

Giertsen SportsBygg

Is the new flagship.
Giertsen Hallsystem AS has
developed an exclusive building with
a unique and modern design that has
countless, flexible solutions.
Compared to alternative buildings,
Giertsen SportsBygg benefits from low
maintenance, long expected lifetime and
attractive design. It can be delivered fully
insulated in addition to several energy
saving solutions. The membrane is made of fire retardant,  
UV stabilised membrane that is
fungus protected.sports bygg


Giertsen Sportshall


  • Flexible and affordable solutions
  • Space for a 40 X 60 metre football practice field
  • Delivered in dimensions 16 X 24 or 23 X 44 metres of free internal space 
  • Multi purpose hall (Concerts, exhibitions, fairs)
  • Can be delivered fully insulated
  • The canvas is made of a fire retardant UV stabilised and fungus protected material.
  • Delivered prefabricatedGierstenHall sports hall1
Giertsen SportsHall is a quick and affordable hall
and the right solution for customers looking for
an easy and flexible hall with multiple usage options.

Service and guarantee

W.Giertsen HallSystem AS offers a number of services to our customers: 

  • Guarantee agreements 
  • Service agreements 
  • Purchase, renting and letting options

Service agreements

A service agreement include one of our experienced
service workers who perform an inspection on the
Giertsen Hall once a year, increasing the customers
profitability of keeping the hall by reducing unforeseen
costs and value loss of the hall. The agreement makes sure
that the strength and re-sale value is being preserved, year
after year through regularly inspections and professional
maintenance. The customer can always feel confident
that the building construction will tolerate local climate,
even if it’s placed temporarily or permanently. The service
agreement makes sure that internal regulations are
maintained in a safe, economical and efficient manner.




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