Giertsen SportsBygg

Giertsen SportsBygg

Is the new flagship.
Giertsen Hallsystem AS has
developed an exclusive building with
a unique and modern design that has
countless, flexible solutions.
Compared to alternative buildings,
Giertsen SportsBygg benefits from low
maintenance, long expected lifetime and
attractive design. It can be delivered fully
insulated in addition to several energy
saving solutions. The membrane is made of fire retardant,  
UV stabilised membrane that is
fungus protected.sports bygg

Features:sports bygg 2

  • Unique and flexible solutions 
  • Multiple options for usage (sports, fairs, concerts, exhibitions and more) 
  • Standard dimensions of 16 x 24 or 23 x 44. Custom made upon request. 
  • Fully insulated, if required 
  • Renewable energy solutions available 
  • Expected lifetime of 40 years 
  • Minimal maintenance costs 
  • Delivered prefabricated 
  • Price competitive and affordable solution compared to alternative buildings
Giertsen SportsBuildingsports bygg 3 
can accommodate a full-size
football pitch (64x100m)