Giertsen Hall NG3

Giertsen Hall NG3ng3 1

Is delivered prefabricated  
to the customers by  
experienced installers.
Sewn or welded overlaps  
give increased flexibility

Features:ng3 3

  • Cost effective
  • High re-sale value
  • Good storage space and
  • flexible logistics
  • Quick installation 
  • Engineering team available
  • Lightweight construction
  • Double coated, high strength PVC fabric
  • Span: 10, 12, 15, 20 and 25 metres 
  • Wall heights: 3, 4, 5 and 6 metres
  • Length as required
  • Delivered in accordance to the Norwegian building regulations for snow- and wind load


The relocatable building system


GiertsenHall NG3 covers your need for a quality hall in most ng3 2environments and has multiple options for usage. It is suitable as a
storage space, cantine, workshop, production facility, warehouse,
aircraft hangar, sports hall and much more. GiertsenHall NG3 is a solid
and robust hall suitable for changing weather conditions, verified by
nearly 50 years of experience.
We offer installation supervisors or full technical teams for mantle and
dismantling the hall at short notice. Our team of in-house engineers
can customise the quality hall.

Optional features:

  • Fans and ventilation system
  • Customer company logo
  • Various colours
  • Dehumidifier 
  • Inner canvas
  • Insulation
  • Windows
  • Various types of gates and entrance doors
  • Electrical heating and cooling